Progressive Christianity

The term “Progressive” refers to a Christianity that emphasizes the way and teachings of Jesus, not just his person. Progressive Christianity identifies God’s presence in all creation—not just high and removed. It celebrates life here and now, not just an afterlife. It affirms the importance of community, not just individualism; of right actions, and not just right beliefs. It takes the Bible seriously, not necessarily literally. It embraces metaphor and parable for interpreting scripture. It affirms that while every religion is different, that each one can be an authentic and legitimate expression of faith.

Through our Awakenings conferences and civic programs, we have hosted leading figures in progressive Christianity like Marcus Borg, John Dominic Crossan, Yvette Flunder, Diana Butler Bass, John Shelby Spong and many others. We have welcomed Buddhist, Jewish, and Islamic leaders to speak with us on several occasions.