From the outside, our building doesn’t look much like other Congregational churches in New England. On the inside, hand-carved angels look down from lofty perches; stained glass windows recall stories from the Bible; and world-class pipe organs fill each space with amazing sound.

Regardless of its architectural character, our building is secondary to our experience of community here.  We have warm welcome for visitors and guests who may be searching for a faith community with a progressive outlook.  Not sure what that means?  We invite you to experience church again for the first time!   Come for one of our two distinct worship experiences; a more traditional service each Sunday at 10 am, and “Faithwaze,” hosted virtually each Sunday morning at 11 am on Facebook and Zoom. Come as you are, leave as you hope to be.

Many come for study groups, concerts, 12 step meetings, social gatherings, community meals and programs. During the week, the Appleton Street door brings you into the building.  On Sunday mornings, the Maple Street doors also lead to the worship area.  We are accessible to people with handicaps. We look forward to welcoming you.