The blessings of heaven,
the blessings of earth,
the blessings of sea and sky.
On those we love this day
and on every human family
the gifts of heaven,
the gifts of earth,
the gifts of sea and sky.”

J. Phillip Newell

Our Holyoke ancestors built this church building in the Neo-Gothic architectural style which was popular around a hundred years ago. Both the Chapel and the Sanctuary are filled with soaring arches, iron chandeliers, carved angels, stained glass, and magnificent pipe organs — much like their much older counterparts in Europe. These elements of design have smiled on hundreds of weddings over the years.

If you can picture your own ceremony in these surroundings, please give us a call to discuss your vision. We can promise to work with you in planning your big day.

I'm interested in getting married at UCC Holyoke. What's next?

  1. Call or visit the church office and ask for information about weddings. Our phone number is (413) 532-1483 and we’re located at 300 Appleton St., Holyoke. You can also use the “Contact Us” option on our website at to send us an email expressing interest.
  2. If you have specific dates you’re looking for, please bring them along so we can check them against our event calendar.
  3. Please let us know how many guests you’re expecting. The Chapel can hold up to 225, and the Main Sanctuary can hold over 750.
  4. Ordinarily, the church pastor will preside over the ceremony and the church organist will provide pipe organ music. However, we are happy to discuss any other ideas you may have about officiants and music.
  5. The church Reception Hall is beneath the Sanctuary and can be decorated according to your wishes. It is located next to a full, commercial kitchen. The church staff can help you explore the use of those facilities.
  6. Wedding rentals include a rehearsal on the day before the wedding, time to decorate (and undecorate), the printing of a bulletin, and the provision of pastor and organist. The pastor and organist will schedule two or more planning sessions with you in the weeks before the ceremony.

Ceremony Sites at UCC Holyoke

Skinner Chapel

  • Seating for 225+
  • Pipe organ and piano
  • Air conditioned
  • Sound system with wireless microphones
  • Accessible


  • Seating for 750+
  • Pipe organ and Piano
  • Sound system with wireless microphones
  • Accessible

Frequently Asked Questions: the Weddings Edition

Q. Do I have to belong to or join your church to get married there?
A. No.

Q. Do I have to attend classes?
A. No

Q. Do you welcome same-gender couples?
A. Yes!

Q. Can I have someone else perform the wedding ceremony?
A. Yes. Please make this request when you register with the church office. This church does have some guidelines defining who may perform the ceremony.

Q. Can our ceremony honor two different religious traditions?
A. Yes. Let’s talk about it

Q. We might be atheists. Can we still get married here?
A. Yes. Let’s talk about it.

Q. We can’t afford a big wedding. Are there any ways the church could help us keep the costs low?
A. Maybe. Let’s talk about it.

Q. How do I know if I’m ready for marriage?
A. Nobody can answer that question for you, but we can help you explore your questions.

Q. Do I have to find an organist or other musician for the ceremony?
A. No. Our music director can help you select music for your ceremony.

Q. Can my wedding planner direct the ceremony?
A. No. The pastoral team directs the rehearsal and wedding ceremony.

Q. What about photographers and videographers?
A. Photos and videos may be taken from the center aisle as the bridal party enters and departs. During the service, they must remain out of view.

Q. Can we write our own ceremony and vows?
A. Yes. Let’s talk about it.





Weddings at UCC Holyoke: the Photo Gallery