Most churches do outreach. It means different things in different places and times, but mostly it means working to make the world a better place–especially where people struggle with hunger, shelter, health, education, safety, oppression, and lackof access to meaningful work.

In our congregation, most have enough of the things that allow for full humanity to emerge. But, like other faith communities, we also try to “do unto others as we would have them do to us.”
Many in our church volunteer their time and effort without broadcasting what they do. We know a few of them, and they are awesome!

Community garden boxes

When the church throws its resources together on a project we have been able to do amazing things.

Increasingly, we see our buildings as vessels for outreach in the wider community. Every day people enter to find healing, strengthening, and connection. Some of those stories are told throughout this website. We know that what happens here makes a difference in Holyoke and the Pioneer Valley.

Interested in making a difference? Do you have a idea for outreach? We’d like to hear it! Not every idea may be a good fit, but if you want to join the “do-unto-others” movement, doors will open.